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Light Bulb Doubles Up As a Stress Free Home Security

We harped about smart bulbs that activate with voice command, and we we have prattled about smart bulbs with music playing capacity. But what about smart bulbs that can ‘heroically’ deter the potential burglars from your house? Well, the HUMITSU light bulb by HUMITSU emerges as such a righteous candidate with its flurry of smart reactive abilities.

So, what exactly does the HUMITSU’s working scope entail? In essence, the bulb has the intelligent capacity to keep track of your behavioral pattern when using lights. In other words, it can learn from your lighting habits, and utilize those lessons when you are not home. For example, if an uninvited guest calls you via the doorbell, the light can automatically illuminate even when you are not inside your house. This of course gives the ‘guest’ the illusion of someone being home, and might even spook away the potential burglars.

Additionally, the HUMITSU Burglar Deterrent also upholds the safety factor with aplomb. This comes to notice with the light bulb’s ability to literally show you the way, in case the smoke detector has starting blaring its cacophonous credentials. The contraption does that by illuminating the safest exit out of your house during a fire (or fire drill).