LED Tube Lights Drastically Reduce Electricity Consumption

LED tube lights nowadays are the most popular LED lighting solution to replace traditional fluorescent tube lights due to their high energy efficiency, longer lifespan, easier retrofit, low maintenance costs and eco-friendly. Although traditional fluorescent tube lights are still widely used by residential lighting and commercial lighting, they have many disadvantages which enable LED tube lights to become their optimal replacements.

Firstly, conventional fluorescent tubes are not energy efficient enough. Although they are more energy efficient than the oldest incandescent bulbs, they are defeated by the new LED lighting. The luminous efficacy of LED light source can be 2 times as that of the fluorescent light source, which means the LED tube lights can drastically reduce the electricity consumption by 50% while delivering the same light intensity compare with conventional fluorescent tubes. Light emitting diode is a great invention which will brings a lighting revolution and it has high luminous efficacy of over 100 lumen per watt. 

Secondly, conventional fluorescent tubes have much shorter lifespan than LED tube lights. Generally speaking, fluorescent light source can last around 8,000 hours, while LED light source can last at least 50,000 hours (considering the lifespan of the matched LED driver, the lifespan of the whole light can be more than 35,000 hours), which is at least 5 times as the lifespan of fluorescent.

Thirdly, fluorescent tubes are not eco-friendly since they contain mercury, lead and other hazardous materials. When discarded, they will cause heavy environment pollution. LED light source is green light source which contains no hazardous materials and LED tube lights are made from 100% eco-friendly and recyclable materials which will not cause environment pollution. And our planet now is confronting terrible environmental problems, just switch from fluorescent tubes to LED tube lights, you can contribute to save the planet.

Plus, LED tube lights are easier retrofit and compatible with conventional T5 or T8 fixtures, they don’t need ballasts, and are quite easy to install. In addition, LED tube lights are more durable and reliable than conventional fluorescent tubes, during their lifetime, they hardly need any maintenance costs.So to sum it up, LED tube lights is the latest trend to replace conventional fluorescent tubes due to their many advantages.