Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain – デスクランプ アイ用

Best Desk Lamps For Eyes

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain –  デスクランプ アイ用

As the rapid development of the information age, modern people use phones and computers in an inconceivably frequent way. So, eye protection has increasingly come into notice.

Except for anti blue goggles, the most commonly seen is to use the best desk lamp for eye strain protection. Then, how to choose the right one? Humitsu will give the turnkey solutions.

A perfect light source for your environment should be flexible, energy saving and adjustable, and these factors are wonderfully provided by new models of desk lamps which comes with LED lights.

The desk space can be considered an intimate area for several reasons. The average individual spends at least 2 hours daily at his home desk, especially during the night.

This means that the eyes are subject to fatigue due to lighting. One accessory that has proved to be quite effective at aiding with such problems is the classic desk lamp.

Newer desk lamps now use LED lights which offer several benefits over the classic light bulbs. First of all, they do not heat up as much and need less power.

They can save some money on the energy bill. At the same time, they are much more resilient and tend to last longer than regular light bulbs.

The lighting of LEDs is usually less punishing for the ones that like to read at the light of a lamp which means they are much better suited for usage in poorly illuminated rooms.

A final comment that is worth noting is the fact that they are quite inexpensive which is understandable as they are simple devices that do not require much in terms of production.

Best Desk Lamps for Eyes Strain –  デスクランプ アイ用

Humitsu Desklamp swing arm desk lamp is a great choice for the ones that need a classic model that reminds of old times. It has a familiar design that can be seen in old movies with a swing arm that makes it extremely easy to adjust and set it at the correct angle.

Best Desk Lamps For Eyes
Best Desk Lamps For Eyes

How Bright Should A Desk Lamp Be to Prevent Eye Strain?

Is low brightness bad for your eyes? Overall, if the background light is on, low brightness will do little harm to your eyes. In that way, how much light intensity do you need to relieve eye stress?

In our daily life, most of the people choose to buy lamps according to their wattage. However, it is a misunderstanding! In fact, it is Lumens that determines what the light intensity is. According to scientific research, a desk lamp with 450 Lumens is enough for us to reach our purpose of eye strain reduction.

The Advantages Of Buying A LED Lamp

Color Temperature

As we know, lamps are not used for a single purpose: some people use them to read a good book, some to navigate the Internet or video gaming and so on. LED lamps offer a whole range of color temperatures, which you can choose from and adapt to the task you are performing, to the environmental light and to your personal preferences.

Less Maintenance, More Performance

LED lights can last up to 50.000 hours! This means that you won’t always have to worry about changing light bulbs, saving you time and troubles, and allowing you to save some money as well.


The process of producing light in a LED bulb is simple: at least 95% of the electricity it receives is used to produce light. Furthermore, LED lights produce a lot less of carbon dioxide compared to other light bulbs, making them the most responsible choice from a green perspective. The environment says thanks!

Few Things To Consider Before Buying

If you are unsure about which desk lamp will be more appropriate for your space, where and how to buy it, here we come to the rescue!

Before anything else, ask yourself:

What will I use this lamp for?

The most common answer is for everyday tasks such as reading, writing, or desk work. If that´s your case, you will have to consider a few things in order to buy a desk lamp that is best for your eyes:

The Taller, The Better!

Home office desks are usually large and spacious so that they can fit everything you will need to work. A tall desk lamp will light up all the desk area, not leaving dark corners or less luminous spots.

Fix The Angle

For different tasks such as drawing and writing you might want an adjustable lamp. The artists among you will by now know this: flexibility is a life saver – or even better, eye saver meaning less eye strain – for these sorts of tasks.

Color Of The Light

One of the most important things to be considered when buying a desk lamp is the color of the light it produces.

You don’t want to hurt your eyes, therefore try to opt for a desk lamp with customizable light color and intensity, so that you will be able to adapt it to the natural light – or the absence of the same.


Buying a desk lamp is – and should be – a long-term commitment. Some of them might be very pricey but worth the economic sacrifice.

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain - デスクランプ アイ用
Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain – デスクランプ アイ用

Choose something comfortable but appealing, considering that you will have to look at the product for a long time, and will be in front of you for a significant part of your day, depending on the task you are performing.

Eye-Friendly Lamps

If you are not an artist, consider what your profession or hobby entices, and which characteristics your lamp definitely needs to have. Better to think twice before, than regret buying in a rush!

Customer Reviews

Comments is a good place where you can get a ton of useful information, not only on the technical side, but on the practical side as well.

With many happy and sometimes unhappy buyers that have posted praise and disgust reviews about a particular product, you can easily make your list of pros and cons.

Pay special attention to the durability as mentioned by reviewers as well as their overall experience over a period of time.


As far as the price is concerned, do not make the mistake of buying the cheapest desk lamp available online.

There are hundreds of extremely cheap desk lamps available online but it does not mean that they will provide you the brightness you need.

Variety And Types Of Desk Lamps

As beforehand mentioned, desk lamp might be your ideal choice if you spend a medium-high amount of time in front of your computer, documents or drawing tools.

Desk lamps are flexible, adjustable and showcase a high variety of choices, including futuristic technologies, such as ambiance adaptation, durability, and flexibility. Here are some types to consider:


Rotate, bend in and find the perfect position for your task. Perfect for those of you who need to look at their works from different perspectives and need their light source to follow them.


Lamp with a flexible neck that allows you to move the lamp in any direction: great for bigger spaces and need for a strong spotlight on certain details.


No need to worry even if your desk does not allow for a proper lamp space. Clip-on desk lamps will do the job. You can attach the lamp on the edge of your desk with the help of a clamp or a clip, not wasting precious space that you will then be able to save for other necessary items.

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain - デスクランプ アイ用
Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain – デスクランプ アイ用

The Best Reading Light For Eyes

Whenever you are reading from a book or a computer screen, the amount of light will always vary by your age. The older you are, the more light you need.

Here is a simple table to demonstrate the above facts:

60 to 80
800 to 1100
55-75 and above
The best light for reading would be one that spreads equally onto a work surface. Be careful not point it close to a screen because of the glare – which will affect your eyes in a negative way.

As for the light color or color temperature, a warmer (more yellow-ish) is the most pleasant one. The color of the light also affects your mood so in this light you will be more relaxed and calm.

The brightness should be higher or lower depending on your age and eye conditions. To adjust the optimal brightness – test it! Set one level and see what happens after some time. Did your eyes get dry and itchy? Or show signs of fatigue, headache and similar? Just listen to your eyes; they don’t lie.

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain –  デスクランプ アイ用

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain - デスクランプ アイ用
Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain – デスクランプ アイ用

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