Add a splash of colour with Our new bulkhead lights

bulkhead lights

We have just launched some new bulkhead lighting. They are still made from solid brass but finished in blue, green, dark brown, white or silver as well as the usual standard colours.

Inspired by the sea and the nautical history of the bulkhead light. The name bulkhead originates from the term “bulkhead” used to describe a part of a ship’s hull.

The bulkhead lights are fundamental to maritime history and although originally used on boats or in factories and commercial premises they are now widely used in the home or bars and restaurants to create an industrial feel to interiors.

Our new finishes will add a contemporary touch and look equally as good inside as they do outside. Think of rope, driftwood, New England interiors, rustic barns and distressed furniture or the latest trend for Country House interiors.

The racing green or dark brown bulkhead would be a great addition to the stable block and tack room.